Is your system secure?

By using FutureVuls, you can effortlessly manage security vulnerability from visualization to correspondance and keep the system secure.

2017.11 Closed Beta version has been released.
2018.1   Released official version

What is FutureVuls?

There are over 10,000 vulnerability information annually
and it takes an enormous effort to extract in-house software vulnurability manually.
FutureVuls detects security vulnurability only related to the system in-house
without missing and supports from visualization to correspondence.

This prioritize the system’s security vulnerability and displays it graphically,
so system administrators can focus more on taking countermeasures and patch verification.

Why use FutureVuls

Strong Point
Risk calculations based
on environment

Calculate not only general risk scores but also risk scores that are optimized based on the environment.

Corresponds to Vulnerabilty
& Status Management

Management reporting status of vulnerability as a task and it is possible to change the status and assign to the responder.

Automatic connections
to other services

When software updates can not be performed immediately by linking to other security services, it can be dealt with tools like virtual patch.

Supported on Windows
and large scale development

Windows scan is supported. Score filtering and collective management according to roles is also possible for large scale development.

Triage based on live information
[prioritization] support (future plan)

Support on running servers and processes will be possible. It will also be possible to detect proccesses that need to be restarted during software update.

Improve detection accuracy,
detection range, speed (future plan)

Vulnerability database with higher accuracy is provided as an option. This option will improve the detection range and speed of programming language libraries. Presence or absence of an attack code can also be used as an additional information.

Recommended correspondence
(future plan)

It is possible to provide information, that only experts can judge, including whether it is necessary to deal with vulnerabilities, and filter according to the security level aimed at.

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